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    Handcrafted Jewelry Designs

Chiefs & Royals designs
Local colleges

Handcrafted home decor


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Girls Night Out

Etched and Patina Copper

Wire-wrap Bracelets

Mattie Jules . . . designing unique custom jewelry.

Come see me at art festivals throughout the year where I'll have sports team earrings (Go Chiefs! Go Royals!), repurposed vintage button jewelry designs, wire crosses and my ever popular custom wire-wrap bracelets made while you wait !
Kansas City fans ! 

Hand-made Chiefs & Royals leather earrings to support your favorite teams - see the earrings tab
for more starting at $12 !

Super Bowl LIV options as well
LIVe - Love - Chiefs !


Please contact me for custom leather arrowhead earrings, teardrop earrings and wire wrap bracelets.

 - see

My newest art is etched & patina copper pendants and earrings
See below for examples

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Visit my portfolio page to see how your heirloom buttons can be re-purposed into unique jewelry.

Check the Events tab to see where I'll be next!

You can find my leather Chiefs earrings at the
Children's Mercy Hospital Gift Shop !!
(+ KU, MU, KSU - just ask if you need something special)
Email me directly for orders...
I have many more styles available. 

Arrowhead earring size: 1 1/4" wide x 2" long


                                                  Copper pendant
Mother of Pearl buttons necklace, Up-cycled zipper pin, Flat wire flower necklace


Beautiful Vintage and Victorian Glass
buttons designed into necklaces and cross (above)
Etched Copper Pendants (below)


Home decor Crosses and Dragonfiles
(see custom order tab)
(Medium size 15" x 13")
                                                              New wire dragonflies

Mini Cross   8" x 6"
Crosses are handmade from baling wire
(Prices $8 - $50)

(Below) Beautiful pendants made from vintage buttons
Many buttons are 1870-1890's)

Wire-wrap bracelet - see portfolio page for more detail

Email me for more information on ring parties, birthday parties and events

Julie Lushbough
816. 305. 2501

Check the arts festival /events tab for details
 for where I'll be next

Etched Copper Bracelet
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