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Girls Night Out !
Ring Parties are a great
Girls Night Out event!

 Imagine your Mom's group, Book Club, or celebrating a
special Birthday
 designing rings.

From birthday parties to bridal parties.

ig girls and little girls - we all love jewelry !

To book a party in the Kansas City area, please
contact me at
 816. 305. 2501


Ring Party !
Designing a custom button ring,
here's how it works....

I set up my large selection of buttons.

You can use one - or stack a couple.
I’ll make it on the spot … just to your size.


Buttons make great necklaces, earrings and pins too. 

Transform a favorite or cherished button into a unique jewelry piece…. bring your own treasured buttons.


For Home Parties a group of 6-8 works great so I have
time to create and everyone can leave with their designs.
An Open House format works very well too.

You'll earn two free rings for hosting a party !

(only a small selection shown !)
It only takes about 5 minutes to make a ring .
Talk about instant gratification !!


Birthday Parties
I have a variety of pricing options available for Birthday Parties, and the 'Birthday Girl's ring' is free.

I even have options for 4 yrs old's, and amazingly, they are so confident in their choices and what they like.
Minimum charge $50 - packages per ring...$5, $10 or $15.

(necklaces can be also made in lieu of a ring - perfect for the boys at the party - I even have sharks teeth)

It's so much fun !



Ring Party!
Girls Night Out !
Birthday Parties


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