Mattie Jules  - Jewelry Designs
Vintage and Heirloom buttons transformed into jewelry...

Etched and Patina copper

Using electrolysis and natural patina techniques, my copper pendants and earrings are one-of-a-kind designs.

Vintage Collection
I love vintage. 
Wonderful treasures make stunning rings, earrings,
 necklaces, pins and bracelets !
I maintain the integrity of the buttons... never cutting off the shanks or grinding down the back.
I love using architectural and unusual components.
Can you pick out the brass eustacheon?

More Vintage
Small glass buttons work wonderfully to make earrings
- example here with Swarovski crystal components.
My cross designs I call 'Alon Crosses' for the woman who inspired them.

 Modern and Lampwork
Functionally, with sew-thru buttons, the wire-wrap scrolls on the top
of the ring creating another design element.
When using buttons with shanks, the wire structure is below the button.
Lampwork bead made by my friend Julie (see left).

Custom / Heirloom Designs
I do love to create one-of-a-kind designs using treasured and heirloom items.
Many jewelry components - like earrings, watches, pins and clips - can be combined to make lovely - and sentimental - jewelry items.


Wire-wrap Bracelets
Fun aluminum wire-wrapped bracelets are just $5.
When I initially came up with this design, I thought it was cute
 - then realized the similarity to the cancer ribbon styling.
These are great in school colors or cancer awareness colors.

See more options on my cancer awareness  / fund-raising page


Flat wire pins and necklaces...
Arts and Crafts
style inspired designs.
These are very light weight, embellished with buttons or crystals.


Mattie Jules wire-wrapped button necklaces are handmade using sterling coated copper wire or enameled (colored) copper wire. Silver coated copper wire has a non-tarnish coating - that means no polishing.
This wire wears incredibly well.

Wire-wrap bracelets and flat wire pendants are made with aluminum wire.
Vintage and Heirloom buttons transformed into jewelry...


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