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First the name - Mattie Jules.

My son Bryan - 12 at the time - came up with the name.  My daughter is Madison (tho' we call her Mattie) and  close friends call me Jules.

So started the Mattie Jules era.- sounds pretty catchy being jewelry and all, eh?

I've always loved to work with my hands... knitting, cross-stitch, gardening, etc.

So when I started making jewelry over 12 years ago, it was 'my' time. The kids (and hubby) could hang out with me (tho' I wasn't the best company I imagine), but it was my time to decompress after work and just let my mind go somewhere else... maybe for 10 minutes, maybe for 2 hours.

Eventually my jewelry gifts to friends and family created more requests to make jewelry and especially rings - lots and lots of rings !
So I created MattieJules.

While I still dabble in the core jewelry - bracelets, necklaces and earrings - my love  is button rings.

Whether using modern, funky, traditional or nostalgic vintage buttons (I'm so hooked!), each ring is different - and most are one-of-a-kind !

This is how it works when I'm at arts festivals and craft shows or RING PARTIES. 

I have pre-made items (some people just like to choose from finished items) - I have many beautiful pieces already made.

Otherwise, you can choose from a huge selection of buttons and I make it for you on the spot just to your size.

If you're not a 'ring' person, buttons make great pendants and pins too - some of the larger vintage
buttons are just so perfect for that. And I'm so in love with vintage ! Did I say that already?

You can use one of your own special buttons or vintage jewelry pieces too ... like one of Grandma's earrings or a button from your favorite Aunts jar of buttons. You may think they look run-of-the-mill, but they work up into a beautiful memory that you can wear !!

One of my favorite stories - Jennifer cut the buttons off her husband's navy uniform and wears the ring and necklace so he's always close to her. (Sigh)

Beautiful bracelet of vintage shell buttons with flower shaped eustacheons

Glass buttons with Swarovski crystal drops
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