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I've always loved to work with my hands... knitting, sewing, gardening, etc.  So when I started making jewelry, it was 'my' time…. to decompress after work and just let my mind go somewhere else... maybe for 10 minutes, maybe for 2 hours.

Eventually my jewelry gifts to friends and family created more requests to make jewelry. So I created Mattie-Jules.
My specialty is working with wire…. Wire-wrap rings, flat wire necklaces, wire crosses – I think I can wire just about anything.

For many arts festivals and shows, I make rings and necklaces right on the spot using vintage and modern buttons. I love to work with vintage buttons… they make such wonderful necklaces… a little piece of history! Check out my portfolio that showcases many vintage button designs.

  You can use your own special buttons too ... I love working with heirloom items, whether buttons, buckles, old earrings or watches…..they work up into a beautiful memory that you can wear!

My son Bryan - 12 at the time (now 23) - came up with the name.  My daughter is Madison (we call her Mattie, after my grandmother) and my brothers and close friends call me Jules.  So started  Mattie-Jules.... sounds pretty catchy being jewelry and all, eh?

Beautiful bracelet of vintage shell buttons with flower shaped eustacheons

Glass buttons with Swarovski crystal drops
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