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Handmade earrings

... Love the Chiefs, Royals, Sporting KC, Mavericks,
your favorite college team?  
You will enjoy wearing these fun leather earrings original designs
Have another favorite team? I can design a special version.
Teardrops: 2" or 1.8" long   Arrowheads: 1.9" long

Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Champions earrings !

Standard earrings: $12
Custom earrings: $15
See below for shipping and tax detail

To order please reference the item number
below and email me at
I will respond as soon as possible with inventory availability
and delivery time.
Earrings are available in many leather colors with glitter or smooth designs
in a variety of colors. Here are a few favorite designs.
I hand trim every earring so you are assured a clean leather edge
**Some options may not be available due to limited materials **

Earrings are also available in post earring or clip-on versions
Earring wires are sterling coated stainless steel

I'm happy to work up a preliminary design for your review

1 Gold metallic bold Chiefs
2 Gold metallic holo heart
3 Gold metallic holo Chiefs     
4 Black arrowhead large gold outline
5. Black arrowhead bold Chiefs athletic gold holo heart
6 Black arrowhead glitter outline Chiefs athletic gold script
7 Black arrowhead holo outline Chiefs light gold script
8 Black arrowhead red glitter with light gold outline
9 Black arrowhead red glitter with athletic gold outine
10 Black arrowhead gold and red foil shadow
 17  metallic red leather with gold script and outline 18 metallic red teardrop with chiefs banner 19a LIV  arrowhead and heart
19b LIV teardrop and love
20 metallic gold with holographic chief and heart 
21 LIV teardrop and love 22 red glitter small outline and athletic gold script 23 Chiefs bold athletic gold with open holographic heart 24 Chiefs bold foil or holographic with large athletic gold outline
 R1 Silver teardrop Royals script
R2 Silver teardrop KC and crown
R3 Silver teardrop blue glitter heart and crown
R4 Blue metallic leather with KC open heart
 R5 Blue metallic leather KC with crown
R6 Blue metallic leather jumbo crown Royals script
M1 Mavericks KC stick
S1 Sporting light blue leather silver icon
S2 Silver teardrop glitter icon
 K1 red metallic KU blue with Hawks
K2 blue metallic block large with Hawks
 K3 Red metallic blue bold Hawks
 K4 Red metallic KU heart
K5 Blue metallic KU glitter
KS1 silver teardrop purple state
silver KSU
 KS2 silver teardrop purple block silver Cats
 KS3 purple metallic silver block
KS4 purple metallic purple block silver Cats
 KS4 additional image
 M1 black leather MU gold with Tigers
M2 black leather MU gold
M3 gold metallic MU black with Tigers
M3 additional image

I can also create any university earring design.
Please contact me for details on different leather colors and lettering colors that can be used .

Standard earrings: $12
Custom earrings: $15

Shipping (USPS rates can vary)
1 item = $1.00-$2.00
2 items $3.50
3-4 items = $5.25-$6.00
5 or more, please contact me for shipping information

Sales tax = 8.6%


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