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If you have seen a format that you just love,
I c
an design a custom item for you.
Please see order form tab.

Use a favorite or cherished button (or jewelry piece), or provide me with basic color ideas and I'll design several pieces for you to choose from.

Please contact Julie at 816. 305. 2501 or

There are so many possibilities.... a ring, necklace, pin, bracelet or earrings.
See additional pictures below for ideas.

At this time, I don't have pre-made items for sale on my site.
I'm happy to make something custom for you.

- Vintage celluloid wafer button with button stack.
- Vintage mirror 'twinkie' button with 1870-1890's metal button


Company or Sorority pins can be made into rings or necklaces. 

I maintain the pin's integrity and use adhesive to position the pin on the button. The adhesive does not damage the pin and holds up to day-to-day use. The pin can be removed (with some effort) without damaging the pin or button.

This ring above showcases my friend Lori's Isagenix pin.

One of my favorite formats - I call it my Alon Cross... named after a wonderful woman in Tulsa.
Alon asked if I could make a cross out of buttons - she was the inspiration and the first to have one !
  Any buttons can be favorite buttons are Victorian glass.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

At this time, I don't have pre-made items for sale on my site.
I'm happy to make something
 custom for you.
- - - - -

Baling Wire Crosses
(Clockwise from  top left)
Medium $22
Mini $8 (8"x 6")
Grand $35 
Celtic $15
Large $30
Small $10

These are beautiful hanging on a fence or on the patio ... and the'll get that great rusty patina. And they look terrific on a front door or on your 'wall of crosses'. 
Please email me for shipping information.


Button / Bead Rings: $15
Up to 2 buttons per ring
- - - - -
Necklaces / Pins:
1 Button $15, 2 Buttons: $20
        3 or more: $8 a button
Ribbon c
ord necklace, faux suede necklace, or faceted ball chain included.

Pendant is made to fit standard necklace hardware so you can also use necklaces you have.

(see necklace color selections below)

- - - - -

               Alon Crosses:              
Price ranges $30-$50
depending on the buttons chosen

- - - - -
Button Bracelets: $8 per button       
(Bracelet format is a formed cuff top and coordinating chain finish for adjustability)

- - - - -

Earrings - $20
Ear wires are sterling coated
stainless steel - fish hook style.
Post or clip on style available too.
Small buttons work best for earrings

- - - - -
Wire choices
Sterling coated copper
(with non-tarnish coating)
Enameled copper wire
     Vintage Bronze, Pale Pink, Black, Red, Royal Blue, Light Turquoise, Hot Pink, Purple, Chocolate Brown, Orange

- - - - -

Cluster Rings: $28
Swarovski Crystals

(See information below picture examples)

- - - - -

Shipping and tax:
1 item - $3
2 or more items-  $5.95

Organza Ribbon/Cord necklaces
Black, Brown, Pink, Sage Green, Yellow, Red, Lt Blue, White, Turquoise, Fushia
Faux Suede necklace
Black, Brown, Pink
17" - 19" adjustable

Nickel Ball chain
Dash-Dot 24" or 30"
Faceted 24" or 30"
Vintage Bronze 24" (see pic below)

Necklaces made for Kim with family buttons.

My wire-wrapped rings and button pendants are handmade using silver coated copper wire or enameled (colored) copper wire. Silver coated wire has a non-tarnish coating - that means no polishing.
This wire wears incredibly well.  

Keep Calm Collection
These pendants are handmade !
I can create any phrase for team,
sport or favorite hobby.

Wire Wrap Bracelets
See Special Order tab to order a custom bracelet !
This is my original design bracelet with a tear drop feature. It's similar to the cancer awareness ribbons - a great option to create a bracelet in cancer awareness colors to represent your love for someone with cancer, or celebrate being a cancer survivor !
Custom Orders

Vintage celluloid buckle half with vintage brass

Antique shell buckle with shell and glass buttons

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