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Wire-wrapped Bracelets

I originally fashioned this design as just a new bracelet idea, but it works perfectly to support cancer awareness as the design looks like the cancer ribbon design.

These are aluminum wire-wrapped bracelets...
light and easily adjustable - no clasps.
I store my bracelets flat, then bend them into a bracelet shape.
They can be straightened and bent without breaking
Many pictures are shown with the bracelets flat.

These are great to show your school colors too !
Color combinations - 1, 2 or 3 colors
$5.00 each
Special orders welcome !
See custom order page

Wire colors (may vary by availability): Royal blue, copper, black, black diamond, black texture, brown, brown texture, gold, gold texture, lavender, magenta, orange, pink, pink diamond, hot pink, purple, purple diamond, red texture, red, silver, silver diamond, silver texture, turquoise, light blue and yellow.
  ( 'diamond' version - see silver in top left- adds a bit of sparkle ! )


See the custom order tab for information on bracelet custom orders.

Cancer Awareness Ribbon Colors

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I am very happy to support a variety of fund-raising events.

Please contact me and we can work out the details.

Many of the events that I participate in are charity sponsored - benefiting Marillac and Marian Hope House - those events make it extra special for me.


Breast Cancer Awareness is the cause I support most. Mostly because of the connection of breast cancer with my Grandmother Matilda, and my friends Donna, Lori, Joyce and Laurie.

Mission trips, 4-H, Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Have had the privilege to help the Bennington and Tescott Kansas High School's Fellowship of Christian Athletes raise money. A huge call-out to their sponsor Tami Constable - what a wonderful teacher and leader. 

Cancer Awareness Bracelets / Fund-raising

My original design

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